Owning a car is more than a status symbol, it brings joy and comfort to entire family. To Keep your beloved car in prime conditions here is what you need to keep a track:

1.Read your car manual: Before you steps in driving it is important to go through user manual at least once to know-how basic inspection can be performed of your car to ensure a long run of your car for years.

2.Get your car serviced regularly: Try not skipping any of your car servicing date as it may lead minor issues develop into major, expensive problems. Enjoy the pickup and drop facilities of various agencies for servicing your car these days, little reason to skip
Maintenance of your car.

3.Make Oil change Regularly: The vital components of your car like engine consisting of Pistons, Cranks and shafts etc moving parts need to be lubricated all the time to attain top notch condition. Make oil changes over definite intervals of time to ensure the engine gets dirt free fluid to avoid any blockage of movable parts.

4.Check tires: The only part of your car that remains in direct contact of road is tires. So, it becomes vulnerable for wear and tears. Hence it is important to maintain a regular check of tires pressure at least a week and tire rotation every six months.

5.Change important fluids: Engine oil is vital to keep your car engine perform at top notch so as other fluids like Brake oil, transmission oil, Power steering oil and coolant to ensure an efficient functioning of your car.

6.Battery check: The power to all electrical component is battery only. Any minor issues with the battery may end up with burning wires and fuses and other damages in the power sourced component. Check water level, loose connections any visible rusts. It is advised to perform a battery check once a month.

7.Inspect the Exhaust Systems: If you are willing to perform an under-car inspections,check for rusted- through exhaust parts. If there is any loose clamps tighten them. Well this can be performed when your car is on ramp. Ask mechanic to perform this. Listen for the changes in exhaust sound. It is advisable to change entire exhaust system over repairing some parts.

8.Clean the Radiator: Prevent overheating by removing any visible dirt with a soft brush and washing the outside of radiator with a detergent.

9.Replace drive belts and hoses: Even if it doesn’t shows any sign of wear and tear it is advisable to change them every two to three years.

10.Car washing: Wash your car every week, if you can. Hose out the fender wells and undercarriage to remove dirt and road salts.

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