Summer is on its role, that means the temperature is going to be unexpectedly high.
Well it doesn’t goes same for your vehicle, the engine has to be cool. In any condition if it does then you might have a major repair for your vehicle engine. But before it strikes your vehicles you can ponder upon following possible reason to figure out whats wrong with your car!

Overheating Engine:
The reason can be many but the basic principle says that heat inside your engine compartment isn’t leaving that may be due to ill transportation, release or clogging of heat inside the compartment.

1.Leak in the cooling system: Try finding out any leaks in the Radiator, Pump, Hoses,Thermostat Housing or Head gasket that might be a major cause for overheating. Try fixing it on your own or bring your car to the mechanic, advisable.

2.Clogged Hoses: Sometimes, dirt and road sediment can enter into your coolant department and may block the hoses and prevents the flow of liquid. Check if there is any blockage prevails or not.

3.Coolant issue: Having checked the hoses and there is no leak or blockage if you still find overheating persist in your vehicle then you might have filled a wrong coolant or coolant to water ratio is off. Try flushing out the entire coolant and mix it in proper ratio.

4.Damaged water Pump: A water pump regulates the flow of liquid throughout the cooling system any damaged done can hamper the process of cooling. The damage may persist in the form of any leakage, shifting of the pump shaft or an eroded propeller vanes.

5. Radiator issue: Having checked all the above issues still you are not able to figure out whats wrong went with your vehicle you need to consult a professional who can check the performance of Radiator.

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